ACT! Software error - An unknown error has caused ACT! to shut down. You will lose any unsaved data.

We have four users that received new Laptop computers this year and use Act! software to keep their contacts in sync with each other on our Active Directory network.  Before the new computers, the clients were able to use the database with no problems.  We installed the software and now receive an error message box stating:

An unknown error has caused ACT! to shut down. You will lose any unsaved data.

We've tried everything we can think of to solve this problem.  We even tried the database file installed local to each system and still get the same error.  We tried Act! 5 and Act! 2005 for workgroups with no luck.

Does anyone have any idea how we can fix this problem so all the users can login to our network and sync up with the ACT! database?

Any help is appreciated...
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Mike LazarusConnect With a Mentor Act! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
Why are you running two versions of ACT!?

With the ACT! 6 issue:
You can open a different database with no problem and you can open this database on a different machine?
What is the specific error you get and when does it occur?

With ACT! 2005 (your really should upgrade to ACT! 2007 as it's much better)... there are a number of possibilities, all listed at this URL:
Mike LazarusAct! Evangelist - CRM ConsultantCommented:
A few questions:

1. When does this error occur?
2. How can you try ACT! 5 and 2005? They are very different products that can't use the same database. What version are you actually using?
3. Do you access a shared database on the LAN or do you sync? If you sync, do you use Application, Network or Internet sync?
4. What operating system is on the new laptops?
tkdandreaAuthor Commented:
I will try to give as much info as I can in this post.  There are issues with two versions of ACT! that is used.  I misunderstood what information was given to me earlier.  So here is the information supplied for both:

Version ACT! 6
Locally installed.  The database is on a shared network drive, but even if we copy the directory to the local drive we get the same error.  I can open a different database from the same network drive with no problem.  The database I can't open on a new installation I can open and use on their old Laptop.

Version ACT! 2005 for Workgroups
Local install of the program, but trying to access the database off the server (which machine does have a drive mapping too) receive.  They use a pointer .pad file locally to the server database.  They receive an error message:

The Database (the name of the database) could not be accessed.  In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available.  It may be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer or the server.

The systems have the firewall disabled.

I hope this makes since.
SStrozConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Version 6 and 2005 are very different.  You need an upgrade plan to convert your version 6 users to 2005 - it sounds like that didn't happen.

50,000 foot view:
Purchase ACT! 2007 licenses (2005 isn't sold anymore).  2007 is more stable and uses .NET 2 and SQL 2005.
Consolidate/Synchronize/Import all of your version 6 databases into a "master" database
Uninstall all old ACT! versions from laptops/workstations
Install ACT! 2007 and Sync Service on server
Convert/Upgrade "master" version 6 database
Create sync sets and remote databases for each user
Install ACT! 2007 on laptops/workstations
Distribute/Restore remote databases on laptops
Test synchronization on laptops

You might want to pull in an ACT! consultant to help you with this process - you can find a list at:

Good luck

tkdandreaAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your help.  Between the two answers we have come up with a solution.  Your help is really appreciated.

Tony D.
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