WSUS Installation On a Particular Server

We are thinking about trying out MS WSUS to keep our client computers updated.  Only question i'm having is on what server to install it on.  All of our servers run on win 2k3.

Our PDC has many roles and is loaded up as it is, so i'm hesistant to run it there.  We just setup a pretty beefy BlackBerry server with plenty of HD space. We don't have an SQL server so it's running local MSDE.  Looking at the system requirements for WSUS, it also uses MSDE.  Currently we only have 11 BB users and probably will won't go over 50.  Could you guys provide some feedback if running WSUS on a BlackBerry server would be ok or if it would cause problems with BlackBerry?

Thanks for any replies.
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Hi ozzalot,

I had exactly the same configuration actually. Windows 2003 member server with WSUS and Blackberry BES on one machine. I never experienced any problems. In WSUS setup you can choose to use the existing database. If you do that everything should work fine.

I am writing "I had" because I have now a "real" SQL Server and moved the BB database as well as the WSUS database over to it. So I don't have an MSDE anymore on that server.

Hope this answers your question.
ozzalotAuthor Commented:
Awesome Kirschi.  I was hoping someone out there might have tried the same thing.  

And same thing here. We currently don't have an SQL server but we are working on that as well.

I might need your help in making sure I have WSUS setup correctly but i'll make another post on that.

Thanks alot for your help.
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