Supplement SBS with Linux

We're currently running Microsoft's Small Business Server 2003. Most of our users are remote and only log in a few times a day for email and some data entry via a website.

We're using Exchange, SQL, and IIS.

I'd like to install a dedicated web server running Linux. Additionally, I'd like to allow this machine to be a backup email and possibly data server when the main server is taken down (for rebooting).

I know the web server piece is possible, but the email/data, is that possible? Any good resources to check out? Has anyone else done anything similar? (I promise I've searched but to no avail).
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Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
I had a very long and detailed discussion about this exact subject which you can review here:

As you will see by my comments there, it makes little sense to do this.  There are far better ways to provide backup and redundancy and a properly provisioned and maintained SBS will rarely go down... rebooting shouldn't ever take more than 15 minutes and most of the SBS's that I manage only get rebooted when an update requires it and that occurs at 3:00am.

SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A backup email server will be difficult unless you have a second IP address. Furthermore to stop the main spam source (unknown recipients) the server would need to do LDAP lookups on the domain controller, which is not available because you are rebooting it.
Personally I wouldn't be concerned with having a backup email server. Email will still be delivered, just with a slight delay. The server should only need rebooting once a month anyway, so downtime is minimal.

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