GUID and last inserted row.


i have a table with a uniqueidentifier(GUID) set to auto assign as it's primary key.
I would like to know the sql query that i can run after an insert statment to get the last row i just inserted?
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
try this way

declare @Guid uniqueIdentifier
INSERT INTO urTable (UNID,  ... )
SELECT @Guid, ..
cossy74Author Commented:
aneeshattingal: I dynamically create a SqlCommand and execute it. I therefore do not think i can use your solution as i am not  using a stored procedure.
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorCommented:
you need to proceed in this way, otherwise you can do a select query with all the inserted values in the where part
Guy Hengel [angelIII / a3]Billing EngineerCommented:
I have to agree with aneeshattingal, you need to use NEWID() function explicitely, otherwise you have no way to get the value.
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