Blue screen in vista when trying to install Nforce

It appears that attempting to install the Nforce driver for my Nforce 650i ultra motherboard cause Vista to go in blue screen at bootup, for the exact bluescreen message see the picture below

During the installation I noticed that there are 4 features I could select to install

NVIDIA Ethernet Driver
NVIDIA MediaShield

Not sure which one of them was the motherboard chipset driver I choose to install all of them, after wish the bluescreen occured upon reboot
After a bunch of trial and error It looks like the NVIDIA SMBUS Driver and the NVIDIA MediaShield are the components that are causing the problem. No problems were encountered when the SMU Driver (hopefully the chipset driver I was looking for) and Ethernet Driver.

What are the impacts, if any, for skipping the SMBUS driver and MediaShield? Does any of them by any chance happen to be the chipset driver rather than the SMU. Please advice

PS: The driver installation was attempted using the driver that came with the installation CD. I tried the latest Nforce driver from the XFX website. Neither made a difference

My system specs are

Windows Vista Ultimate
XFX Geforce 8800 GTS 320mb
XFX Nforce 650i Ultra Motherboard
Creative Audigy2 ZS
2GB 677MHZ Kingston (2 x 1GB installed as dual channel)
Inter Core 2 Duo E6420 2.13 GHz, 4mb L2 cach

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Here's an interesting read on the Nvidia forums:


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