Compile error while saving VB6 project to disk from IDE

I recently took a number of active X DLL projects for a VB6 project group and merged their various classes and forms into the main exe project that was using them.

Now Im running with full compile to find all the places where there is an error that was referencing the external DLL and changing the code to reference the internal class instead.

It was all going fine until I tried to save the project. I got a compile error, in fact I got the same error as I got when I clicked run with full compile.

I thought that was strange so I fixed the error and clicked save again. The IDE opened a file Ive not even had a chance to work with yet and said I had a compile error User defined type not defined

I know that type is not defined, I need to refractor it to its new name. So I fixed that one as well and clicked save, and got another user defined type not defined error.

So I tried to close the app and it wont close.

I ended the process to close the app.

Now ever time I open the project and start trying to fix all the references and then save I get the same problem!

Is the IDE telling me I cant save the project until every error is fixed? (there are hundreds)

Any advice?
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Mark_FreeSoftwareConnect With a Mentor Commented:

that is a strange case for sure.....

have you updated to the last version of the service pack?
try to turn off (temp) all plugins that could be modifying the behavior of vb
xersoftAuthor Commented:
The problem went away after removing the plugin MZ Tools 3.0. After fixing all the errors I re-enabled the plugin with out issue.

Very very odd....

Thanks for the help.

great this is solved so easily!

and thanks for the grade!

MZ tools is a great plugin,
you should report this issue to the creators.
I think they appreciate it
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