Squirrelmail - Need mail server login page to be HTTPS

I have a networking problem that has forced me to try to change the default squirrelmail connection from HTTP to HTTPS.  I found a reference on the squirrelmail site using redirects to go HTTPS, but I do not know if that is my solution.  When my group logs in to their webmail from the road, I need them to be able to type https://mail.something.org and have that open the login page.  Basically, our network structure/hindrances prevents us from using HTTP to get to the mail server.  The only available route is HTTPS.
We have a working mail server right now.  We just can't get to it!  Help!
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Jan SpringerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Using SSL will require a cert -- either self made or purchased.

SSL will need to be enabled in your httpd configuration file.  Make sure that it listens on 443 (netstat -an) after being restarted.

If you are using virtual hosts, you will need to specify the port number (443) within the container for this host.

Redirects won't help you if http (port 80) is being blocked.
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