IE6, images fail to load

I have WinXP with IE6, very often when visiting web sites, images stop loading and in the bottom left hand corner it will say something like "12 items remaining" the system remains like that with the blue progress bar frozen, refreshing makes no difference and images are turned on in settings. It may work fine for a while but once it does it thats it, an example is google will work for a while showing the google image then it wont display it and says "1 item remaining" thanks for reading. David UK
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Alan HendersonConnect With a Mentor Retired marine engineerCommented:
Try clearing the IE cache from IE » Tools » Internet
Options » General » click Delete files button » click Delete offline content checkbox.

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same advice... clear cache,
try /IE/Tools/advanced/scroll down to multimedia,and make sure the show images is checked off
if possible, try to disable some security issue from ur pc ;)

any updates of this case ?
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