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I'm trying to backup all of my data on my Blackberry Pearl to my computer but I keep receiving the following error. "Data was not recognized by the device." What can I do to make it work? I've tried a full backup and a selective backup and I get the error with both.
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Lame? I definetly agree. I'm still using an older Blackberry (7280) and had similar problems. Mine had problems synching and displaying in the order i wanted. I finally just put Mr, or Ms or some bogus thing to give it a full first/last name. You can also look for a 3rd party program that may allow for you to backup the device.
According to an admin there is some data cleanup you need to do to properly backup and/or restore from your pearl. Go through your data and confirm you have first/last name for each entry.

Article from a Blackberry forum may help: (http://blackberryforums.pinstack.com/2332-backup_restore_data_not_recognized_device.html)

Backup restore: The data was not recognized by the device

What Is - Cannot backup or restore the following database: Address Book. The data was not recognized by the device

When you restore the data on a BlackBerry device from a backup file, you receive the following error:

Cannot backup or restore the following database: Address Book. The data was not recognized by the device.

The backup file contains one or more address book entries with no First Name, Last Name, or Company. This backup was made from a device with a version of device software earlier than 4.1, which allowed these entries to be synchronized to the device.

It will not be possible to restore the Address Book database to a device with BlackBerry Device Software 4.1 or later.

To restore other databases in the backup file, complete the following:
In Desktop Manager, open Backup and Restore.
Click Advanced to restore individual databases.
JustinHerreraAuthor Commented:
That's lame because I don't want to keep my contacts as First Last. Some people, I don't even know there last names.
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JustinHerreraAuthor Commented:
My SIM contacts and my Blackberry contacts are different. Is there anyway that I can edit all my Blackberry contacts on my computer so that I don't have to go through every single contact on my phone and change to first last?
JustinHerreraAuthor Commented:
Also, is there a way to transfer all my Blackberry contacts to my SIM card?
JustinHerreraAuthor Commented:
I figured out that it is my profile causing the error to come up.
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