Outlook 2003 is not mapping to user's Exchange Mailbox properly.

I am running a Windows Server 2003 SP2 Machine with Exchange Server 2003 SP2. The client I am trying to troubleshoot is Windows XP SP2 running Office Outlook 2003 (SP Unknown). There are no other Exchange Servers in our organization.

I had to make a new Outlook Profile for a user account. I backed up the local .pst and remapped her up to her mailbox using the Outlook Wizard, thinking that it would re-pull down all her e-mails from Exchange (I've done this without issue before many times in my career).

According to her mailbox on Exchange, she has 2700ish e-mails, but the only emails it keeps pulling down are from the time I re-created her profile.

Her e-mail is working fine, but it doesn't seem to be mapping to the mailbox on Exchange. The only "snafu" is that we had to change her e-mail alias to janesmith@domain.com, but her username is jsmith@ domain.com, but that has never been an issue with other aliased accounts.

I have tried also logging in as her on a different machine to see if it was a client-related issue, but the same thing occurs.

I am stumped, and I have scoured the web for a fix on this. Please help!!!!
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JstncaseConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Cached mode is supposed to use a .OST for all of her e-mails, and Non-Cached pulls all of her e-mails directly from the server. Have you tried accessing her mailbox via OWA to confirm what is inside of her mailbox? Also to synch everything you will probably need to press F9 for the Send/Receive. Depending on the size of her mailbox is how long it would take.
Have you checked/confirmed her X400 record is correct, there are no duplicate AD accounts for this user. Her e-mails are going into her Inbox directly instead of pointing to her .PST file and is the user also in Cached mode or not? If Cached, turn it off for now just to confirm it is pulling the correct information from Exchange. Also check your email profile to ensure that it is pointing to the correct server, and it is showing her correct Display Name.
bryansullinsAuthor Commented:
Everything checks out.

The progress I have made is that when she deletes e-mails, it subtracts from her Mailbox on Exchange, so, I have verified that it's hooking up to her Exchange Mailbox, however, it's still not pulling down the rest of the e-mails. I have tried setting her up in both cached and non-cached modes with the same result.
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