How to Build a SQL 2005 View Style Design Surface??

Hi all,

We have a massive corporate application built using C#, we have a query builder that allows our employees to build SQL which can be save in our DB and later can be used in other areas of our app to send out letters, emails or for simple drill down reports.  The query builder itself is basic and requires some understanding of SQL to use.

The company wants to make this more user friendly for everyone and the conceptual designs so far look like the SQL 2000/2005 View Designer where you can drag and drop tables onto a design surface and create joins etc.  I have no idea as to how to build a design surface that can be used at runtime which can have tables dropped onto it, Im thinking designer, xml, meta data and all sorts of crazy stuff.  Does anyone know of any sample code out there or even a tool I can simply integrate into our application.

Many thanks

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Tommie Nathaniel Carter, Jr., MBAFounderCommented:
Since its a big company you may want to take it easy and grab this componentOne package (they have a very good reputation)
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