2003 Server - Multiple Domains Windows Browing fails

I have two doamins configured in my network.]

Domain 1: /24
Domain 2: /24

I have established a trust between the two domain controllers and setup the sites and services so that the appropriate config is setup.

When I open up my network places from the DC on Domain 2 and browse the windows network, i see the two domains in the list.  When I browse to Domain 1, it works every time.  

BUT when I'm on the DC of domain 1 and do the same (browse to my network places), i see the two domains, but when i try to open up Domain 2, it fails.  

I normally get this message:

"doamin 2 is not accesable.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.

The list of servers for this workgroup is not currently available."

I have WINS setup on both machines and have setup the 'replication partners' to be a 'push/pull' configuration.  According to the logs server stats, it's working....

The odd thing is that it works if your coming browsing the network when on domain 2 looking into domain 1 everytime, but not the other way around.

Look forward to any responses.
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Also make sure you have global catalog (GC) servers in each domain.  In interforest trusts the global catalog tells servers in its domain where to authenticate accounts in foreign domains from.  

Using your scenarion as an example, when a user in domain 2 tries to access a resource (like a file share on a server) in domain 1 the resource owner (the server) will first attempt to authenticate that user.  When the resource owner recognizes that the user is from a foreign domain it will query the Global Catalog for a trusted authentication source (DC) for the foreign user's domain and if a trusted authentication source exists will forward that information to resource owner.  The resource owner will then request that the trusted foreign authentication source authenticate the user.

If the master browser is OK in each domain I'd guess that you have a GC server in domain 1 but not domain 2.
Force an election on the network of the Browse Master.   Stop and Restart the Browser Service.

Here is a good MS article on troubleshooting Browsing.

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