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Work e-mails not getting through when send from home

I've been having trouble having my work messages received, when I send them from my home.

I have a Comcast account, and send regular e-mail through smtp.comcast.net. I use Thunderbird as the client.

However, I have been noticing that some people are not receiving my e-mails at all, not even tagged as junk.

I ran some tests through the EmailReach analyzer service, and according to that report, SpamAssassin thinks I am sending e-mail through an open-relay, and my floating IP address is in SORBS.

Would this explain it?

2 Solutions
Marc ZCommented:
Yes, but you are.

Your work email address probably does not use smtp.comcast.net, does it?  Comcast itself is probably throwing out your outgoing emails because your work address is not authorized to use smtp.comcast.net.

What would your works email server be?  You need to use their server to send emails.
Hello metalaureate,

A lot of email servers these days check to see if the server used to send the email agrees with the server that *should* have been used according to the email address of the sender.

For example, If you are using your address of homeaddress@comcast.com sending through the Comcast servers then all is fine. However if you send as mealaureate@workaddress.com through the comcast servers some recipient servers will notice this discrepancy and treat the message as spam.

If this is what is happening to yoru email then you may need to send as your home address but use your work address as the Reply To address. Alternatively you may have to send through your works email servers.

Secondly, I am assuming that your Comcast IP address is DHCP assigned, meaning that other Comcast users will have been assigned that same address in the past. Should these other users have sent spam emssages (via a virus or somesuch) it may have led to that IP being blacklisted.



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