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Running Access 2000 next Office 2007

I have a client using Access 2000 for an inhouse time tracking application.  This application will no longer be used in a few months.  They are currently looking at upgrading to Office 2007 Standard.  They will not upgrade Access due to the time tracking application being retired.  

Has anyone run Access 2000 next to Office 2007?  If you have, were there any issues you noticed?  I have run Access 2000 next to Office 2003 Standard without issues, but I lack the software to test this scenario.
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Not following what you mean by "running access 2000 'next to' Office 2007?"  If you mean running both on the same PC, there won't be any issues there.  You can even have Access 2000 and Access 2007 on the same PC.

Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
I have Office Professional 2007, with Access 2000 also installed, and have not observed any issues betweeen the two.
To open both I use shortcuts, where in the Target textbox I spell out the path of the different Access apps.

c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\msaccess.exe    '<-- A2K
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\msaccess.exe   '<-- Access 2007, don't quote me on this as I don't have my 2007 box here at work
you can run multiple versions on one machine with no issues. You just need to make sure that you specify your default version in your settings. I ran 97, 2k and 2k7 on one machine. The difference with 2k7 is that after you have used a prior version and then go back to using 2k7, it needs to configure 2k7 when it opens. It takes a few minutes. Very annoying. But if they aren't using A2k7, they will not have that problem.

Note that when using multiple versions, you need to make sure that you install the second version in a new folder. Example:

Exsiting structure = Program Files - Microsoft Office - Office (which is where your 2k would be)
New Structure = Program Files - Microsoft Office - Office 2k7 (install 2k7 here)

So you would still have both folders, Office and Office 2k7.

hope this helps,


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