Format AVG value in Reporting Services

I am using SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services adn on a report I am averaging results of a returned column, using the AVG function in reporting services. My problem is the returned value willnot format properly. I am trying to format a an average wage so shoul dlook like $9.78 but shows like $9.77666666663.
No matter how I do a 'custom' format for the expression it never changes.

Any asssitance is appreciated as this is a report I need ot complete ASAP.

Rod NoonerDBA/DeveloperAsked:
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I use this in 20005 but it should work in 2000: Set the properties to...

Value:  = Round( (Fields!MyItem.Value),2)
Format: #,##.00  

You'll need to concat the $
Wow...I got a little ahead of myself...2005
Rod NoonerDBA/DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks gigglick I had tried the ROUND func but must have for got the parameter. What we forget when frustrated with the more simple solutions :-)
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