How to stop Smartcards impacting on Anonymous Login via .ica file?

I have a .ica file which connects through to a published application on my Citrix farm.  The app is set to connect via anonymous login.  Testing this from one workstation gives the required result with the application being delivered by Citrix as expected.
Copying the same .ica file to a workstation (on the same network) with an integrated smartcard reader on the keyboard causes the following result:
1. Connection is established to Citrix server & splash screen is displayed about connecting to remote computer.
2. Prompt remains on "Checking your credentials" for about  2-3 minutes.
3. Splash screen is displayed again.
4. Windows login prompt is displayed.

(If I enter a valid username/password here then the published application launches)
On the published application I have inherit client config unchecked and passthrough authentication unchecked in PN.
I have tried adding the [Smartcard] section settings to the .ica file (and the appsrv.ini file for connecting through PN) - these have made no difference.

There seems to be a lot of advice on how to get smartcard authentication to work but I've found nothing that works on how to turn it off entirely.

I have tried running it from the workstation with jsut the web client installed and also with PN installed - Same result.

Anyone able to offer any advice?
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rgmacfarlaneAuthor Commented:
Have now resolved this.  Thanks for comment above - the o/s on the client severely locked down and we were unable to disable the smart cards.

This was resolved by removing the hklm\sw\citrix\CtxHook\AppInit_DLLs\Smart Card Hook key from the Citrix server registry.  
Hi there

As far as I can remember smart card authentication is part of the client OS (ie Windows) - have you tried disabling the Smart Card service on a client? I think there is also a GPO setting which disables it for PCs which are members of a particular ou...

Hope this helps!
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