Windows xp, what data is relevant for minimum operation of a PC?

When you get a new pc with windows xp, what data should be backed up to make sure that restoration of that data will bring back the PC at least at an operating state?

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Well that is a loaded question.

Techincally speaking the data has nothing to do with the Operating System. Data
is what you create and save on your system.

If you are only looking to bring your OS back to a running state, then WinXP has system
restore enable by default, which in most cases CAN/MAY bring your system back to
and previously functioning state.


If you are looking to restore the Operating System AND all software you may have
installed, you need to look into making a Ghost Image of your drive when you have it
running as you like and all the toys installed.

For this you will either need another extra storage drive to store the image (images
if you are going to do this more than once), or burn the images to DVD.

Symantec makes a program called Ghost which is pretty popular and reliable for this
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