Can ping but not broswe to a file server?

Consider a remote XP user in Europe connecting over VPN to our office in the US. The user appears ro connect ok in VPN and can ping our file server by ip address and also ping other different computers in the office.

The problem is the user can not browse to our main file server or any other computer.  Using Windows explorer it fails to access the server as  \\ which works for other VPN users.

Any idea what the problem is or how to trouble shoot?
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the user probably does not have the propper permissions
It's look like an routing issue

In the VPN server(the US one), you must have a specific route for the remote network (for routing to europe site)

Without this You can ping but that's all.  

If the user can ping the remote hosts then there is a defined route.  So that isn't the problem.  Echo request are reaching the US site and echo replies are finding their way back to the European site.

Is the VPN node (the VPN virtual adapter in europe) picking up dhcp address?
Are there some restrictions on the kind of traffic allowed through the VPN tunnel for this user only or is the user in the same VPN 'group' as your other remote users?

It sounds like the VPN client is not quite configured correctly and I'd start there.  Bit difficult if you're in the US, but maybe you could ship out a new (and confirmed to be working) VPN config.
And don't forget to check the users permissions as abuckheit rightly says.
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