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Manufacturing Business Experiencing Slow, Sporadic ISP Speeds

We are a manufacturing business running 17 servers behind a Cisco2800/Pix Firewall. Our servers range from Terminal Services, Web Services, Exchange (2003, enterprise), and other business critical apps in our industry.

We currently have TDS Metrocom and have been experiencing delays in internet access. The delays seem to be non-congruent and sporadic. We have tested outbound web connections to several popular websites (including MSN.com, Google, and others), sometimes achieving fast connections and sometimes really slow connections to the same sites.

We have two inbound T1's for voice and data. None of our employees have complained about voice quality so we believe that our outbound connection is only affecting the data line. We have tested the connection with TDS Metrocom and they state our lines to them are wide open. We have also attempted to measure connection speeds with several speed utilities also seeing sporadic acceptable speeds.

We run McAfee Total Protection Solutions as our antivirus suite.

Any help or advice on how to address the issue would be appreciated.
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Since you are having a cisco 2800 router why don't u enable netflow and check what excatly going on in ur network. Also try to measure the speed of the internnet using either MRTG or cacti
Here is the link for MRTG and the tools required http://oss.oetiker.ch/mrtg/
active perl http://aspn.activestate.com/ASPN/Downloads/ActivePerl/ MRTG tutorials  http://www.netmon.org/dummies.htm  If you want more details please let me know. Also if u have a managable switch then u can monitor all users connected to the switch

Also you try cacti which is more efficient than MRTG .You can download from here & now its easier to install.


Sporadic problems would indicate that someone is hogging up the bandwidth on occassion, or something is not configured properly on your network such as the speed/duplex settings between the router and the switch it is plugged into. I would take Yasir suggestion to see if you have someone overutilizing the bandwidth and also take a look at your router/switch configuration to make sure you don't have collisions or errors on either.
jwspeakerAuthor Commented:
We had someone come out and program our router for us.  We also had the bandwith issues looked at and all is running fine.

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