INstalling quickbooks 2006 on sbs 2003 Small Business server 2003 problems

we're running sbs 2003 R2 and were trying to avoid installing quickbooks 2006 on the server - just don't want things running on it.  But it seems we need it running on the server to allow other users to access the files.

I insert the QB 2006 premium CD and try to run d:\setup.exe (autorun.inf says that's the file that will be run under autorun).  I get an hourglass that goes away after a couple seconds, but then nothing else.  I found a file d:\quickbooks\setup.exe that runs / installs quickbooks but doesn't ask if this is a server or desktop install.  how do I know if this is installed correctly!?
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dmessmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you have a QB 2006 CD made before a certain date, this document talks about options for setting up hosting on the server yourself:

If QB 2006 is installed correctly, you'll see a service called "QuickbooksDB" that starts up automatically.  If that's there, then you're good to go.
babaganooshAuthor Commented:
and if I don't see that service!?

do you know what folder on the cd the server install is? why doesn't the install in the root of the cd start?
Ironically, after I wrote my initial comment, I did a QB 2007 install on a workstation.  When I put the CD in, it asked me if this was a workstation install or a server install - so obviously there is a separate routine for server installs and workstation installs.

From this page:

it eludes to my experience - that you put the CD in and it gives you the option of installing the server version.  Perhaps uninstall what you've got, reboot the server and try again.
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