How to make Exchange Distribution Groups show up on the GAL?

Exchange/Outlook - How can I  make Distribution Groups appear in the Global Address List? Otherwise they only show up when you drop down "Show Names From: All Groups".
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peakpeakConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also note that they will not be immediately visible as Exchange rebuilds the GAL (default) each night. To force GAL to be updated you first creat the DL, then in System Manager, select Recipients->Offline Address Lists->Default Address List, Right-click in the right window, choose Rebuild. Now, in Outlook, press the little arrow to the left of Send/Reciveve and in the drop-down menu choose Fetch Address Book (or similar)
If you mean your private distribution groups created in Contacts, you cannot. To have them appear in the GAL you need to create them with AD Users and Computers under ExchangeDL folder
HilltownHealthCenterAuthor Commented:
I am creating the lists under AD on the Exchange server. I use New/Group; group scope:universal; group type distribution. Then check "create an exchange email address" and FINISH.

Then I populate the members property of the new group and save. But it apparently does not show up on the GAL by default. If you pull down "Show names from the:" > All Groups, it appears there.
Do you right-click ExchangeDL in AD Users and computers, select New group?
Sounds like OAB lag as described above. All Groups is live information. The main GAL is not.

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