Custom mix cd site that initates burn process after payment confirmation

I have a website and an online music and mp3's store . My hosting is linux, apache, mysql and php. I was wondering how I could set up a way for users to browse and select mp3's from a page or folder  and create their own custom cd and burn it to the users harddrive programmatically. After payment ha been confirmed?
What limitations would I have?. Its similiar to what walmart custom cd mix does but I would like to programmatically have the web application actually initiate the burn process of the disc utilizing the users pc. This would of course need to be done on a pc that has a burner. Interested in comments or suggestions.

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The question is:  Is it even possible?  There's only two ways I can think of.

One is to write an application that people install and run on their machine instead of a web browser.  This way, it can (A) have full networking capabilities to connect to the Internet (via any TCP/IP based protocol you like such as HTTP or FTP or even one you invent yourself) and (B) have write access to your CD burner.  This will cost you about $50,000 and then you'd need to spend about a million bucks on advertising to get people to know who you are and trust your company enough to install and run software on your computer.

The other way, inside your web browser, would be to write a Java (not Javscript) Application.  You can communicate with the server either through the Java App or through the web browser itself.  This solution would require that Java actually have write permission to your CD burner... and I don't think it does.  For good reason - as previously described by darkstar3d and Marete.
Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
We don't want you to initiate process on OUR computer. We want to buy, and then you initiate the download and WE burn it to CD WHEN we want too.
Not a good move LHood1, there's way too much free stuff out there to record and save these files if you have them accesable, better suggestion is to run samples like they do on Amazon, there is also RSS feeds
You could create a page of  all the available music  disc
then they select one of choice
example here
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