DHCP won't assign IP addresses

I have a small network with a domain controller and DHCP server both are seperate boxs. I need to replace the DHCP server with another server. So I setup the other server on the network and join it to the domain; i install DHCP and authorized it as a DHCP server. The server will not dish out DHCP addresses to anything. I know its the server but dont know why exactlly. Got any clues?
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Walter PadrónConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't have two DHCP servers in the same LAN giving ips in the same range.

I suggest you

1- Export the DHCP database from old server to the new server (see article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/325473),
2- Stop the old DHCP
3- Autorize, import the DHCP database and Start the new DHCP.
4- When everything is working fine uninstall the old server DHCP service.

Farhan KaziSystems EngineerCommented:
Make sure you have no firewall enabled (Windows or any other).
Check the event log.  Any related events?

Have you decomissioned the DHCP on the old server?  The old may be overriding the new and causing the new not to give IPs.  Do you have the same range and scope and options set?
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When you go into the DHCP management what do you see? Are there any red icons in the configuration, how about on the scope(s)?  

When you say that it isn't dishing out any addresses, how are you maing that determination?  If you are doing a release/renew from a workstation and its getting the same address from the old server, that may be normal.  You have to get rid of the old server, try disconnecting it from the network for a second and do the release/renew again with just the new server on the network.    
You should disable the firs DHCP Server before the new server will work. Make certain that the second DHCP server NIC is not configured for DHCP. you will need to assign a static IP Address.
FubyouAuthor Commented:
I'm traveling to that network next week so I apologize for my lateness in scoring. I thought I would have made it out the next day but I got extremely busy cleaning up other peoples messes. I love my job :o)

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