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I am trying to create a template in Microsoft Word. Problem is I want the company's logo within the header on the first page only. I know how to insert the image and to use the header/footer different first page option but I am running into difficulty when users are using this new template template - specifically when they are trying to copy and paste information from other word documents into this new template. When they paste information into the template, the header gets deleted (the logo) and the styles from the original document get lost. Is there a way to do this? I think it might have something to do with Section Breaks but not sure? Any advice would be great! Thx! PS. I am on windows xp with Word 2000.
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NBSO_ISSConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try placing a continous section break on the first line on the first page and paste the data in on the second line.  You can see what is happenning by pressing the show/hide button.
It does have something to do with the section breaks.  The section break is moving to the bottom of the pasted text when it is pasted in.  I will look at it to see if there is a way around it.
Eric FletcherCommented:
When your users copy from another Word file, they are bringing its section definition with the content -- and that is what is overwriting your section definitions. It is easy to do unintentionally because the final paragraph marker includes a section definition for the source document, so if they simply select all and copy, they bring the source section with it. To get around this, have them add an extra return to the source, then copy everything from the line above it -- i.e. all but the last paragraph.

Note that if the source contains other section breaks, they will potentially and  bring in different section formatting too. You can remove all section breaks (except the last one) by using "^b" in the Find box and something unique in the Replace with box (so you can find them later and re-insert section breaks as necessary).
CFIBAuthor Commented:
It's too bad we can't attach files so I could show you how they work (or are not working). I am not Word Section savvy and it is posing some problems. I did ty inserting a break (continuous) after the header and it seems to do the trick - most of the time. Only problem is that it is working for some of the templates but not all. I guess I just have to keep plugging away? Thanks for both of your help but I will award the points to NBSO ISS as ultimately this answer pointed me in the right direction.
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