C# Displaying text in a panel? cut and paste?

I have a simple application that has some buttons and a "panel". When the buttons are pressed I want to change (pste) some text into the panel that the user could then cut and paste out. IS a pnel the right thing to use and if so how do I display my strings in the panel.

I tried panel1.setText("Test")

No work. Thanks!
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Priest04Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Panel is just a container. Use TextBox instead. If you want it to look similar to panel, then change its backColor and BorderStyle

You have to be more specific - is it a web or windows application?

Nevertheless for either web or windows, Panel is a container control, your'e supposed to drop controls on it. It even doesn't even have Text or SetText properties.

As a message display you can use Label or TextBox controls.

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