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Is it possible to have a reading status for each user when using a shared mailbox with Outlook 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 ? So even if two users have read the message and a third one as the sahred mailbox in his Outlook and want to message to be unread. This is like in Oublic Folders.

In this case I don't want to use public folders, because there faced out by MS. Also the use of WSS is not appropriated.

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i don't know of any article that says it won't work. if ms was going to create an article for everything that wouldn't work, there would be a zillion articles. a 'mailbox' is designed to service an individual user. there simply is no per user read status for several users accessing an invidual's mailbox. the fact that you can't get it to work is the only proof you're going to have that it won't work.

No, it is not.

umentechAuthor Commented:
It has no possibility even by tweaking registry ?
Public Folders will be around for some time yet. If you have just deployed Exchange 2007 then you are fine for another three or four years. I expect the next version of Exchange will have some kind of public folder support... too many major customers of Microsoft's are using them.

umentechAuthor Commented:
I think that they will replace Public folders by Windows Sharepoint Services. Microsoft do not recommend to start new development project with Public folders. That's a part of the reason we're trying to get something work like them. A very good alternative for us was the shared mailbox, but, we must have the reading status by user and not globaly.

It would be great to have some article or something that says that's not possible or have a sample of something showing that's working and the way to acheive it.

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