Outlook 2003 sending email to a contact with multiple email addresses

When creating a new message in Outlook 2003, if I am addressing an email to someone in my contacts that hs multiple email addresses.  Is there anyway to get Outlook to beinrg up their email addresses and let me suggest which on I want to use.

As an example, if I have put someone's personal (email) and work (email 2) email addresses into contacts.  Only the first email address displays in the 'To:' box of the message, but sometimes I want to send it to 'email 2'.
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bluetabConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the person has two email addresses you should be able to type in their full name in the To: field.  Then click on the Check Name icon and Outlook will know that the person has two possible email addresses to send to and will pop up a dialog box asking which account you would like to send to.  You can select both addresses.
Greetings jhillbos !

You will need to create two contacts, one with home address, and one with work address.
Then update your address by creating a new one from Contacts database. You may need to delete the old address book first.

1. click Tools > Email Accounts
2. click on 'View or change existing directories or address books' option.
3. click 'Next'.
4. click on 'Add' button > 'Additional Address Books' option.
5. click 'Next'.
6. click on the 'Outlook Address Book' option.
7. click 'Next'.
8. click on 'Finish' button.

9. click on the 'Contacts' tab
10. right-click on the 'Contacts' option on the left-hand side (under 'My
11. click on the 'Properties' option - see multi-tabbed dialog.
12. click on the 'Outlook Address Book' tab.
13. ensure that the 'Show this folder as an e-mail address book' option is
14. click OK.

Your Contacts database should now be active as an e-mail address book.


Best wishes, war1
jhillbos, any update?
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