warning on supervisor engine II+ module

I am trying to configure the gigabitethernet interface 2/2 on my cisco catalyst 4507. And I am recieving the following.

4507(config)#interface gigabitEthernet 2/2
% WARNING: Interface GigabitEthernet2/2 is usable/operational
% only when this is the only supervisor present.

This particular interface is on my ws-x4013 supervisor engine II+ module. Can someone explain to me why I am recieving this warning, and if I can actually use the gigabit fiber interfaces on it?
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Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
There's a known issue with using the g1/2 and g2/2 ports on the 4500R switches. I've only run into with the ws-x4015 sup's. It would appear that it also exists with the ws-x4013's too.

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