Outlook 2007 email Sound and Inbox Refresh do not work properly

Outlook 2007 (vista o/s) email is working properly, meaning I am able to send and receive email on a regular basis, however, (2) convenient functions do not currently function as one would expect.

1. When new email arrives, a chime does not sound.

Here are some answers to the questions you are asking yourself right now:
Yes, the sound card is operational
Yes, there are no options within the Master Volume control that are set too low or muted
Yes, the option within Outlook is set to "play a sound" when new items are received in my inbox
Yes, there is a sound assisciated with the arrival of new email within control panel / sound & audio devices

2. When new email arrives the index is updated, yet the inbox does not refresh to reflect the arrival of the new email.  It is necessary to click on a folder other than inbox and then click back to the inbox to reviel the new email.

Please assist!

Thank you in advance.

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FilipZahradnikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I had a similar problem. It was related to Google Desktop.

If you have Google Desktop installed, first try disabling the Outlook add-in:

1. In Outlook, click Tools->Trust Center
2. Select Add-ins in left-hand pane
3. In the drop-down list at the bottom select Exchange Client Extensions. Click GO
4. Uncheck "Google Desktop Search Outlook Addin" check box.

This should fix the problem. It will stop the 'View in Outlook' functionality, but indexing should still work.

Next, you can try to find out why this is hapenning. Update to the latest version of Google Desktop, and/or try uninstall/reinstall of Google Desktop.
Have you tried to:

1. Change the "Schedule a sen/receive every..." setting to a different value and back,
2. Change the mail format to something else (rich text to plain or HTML) to see how O/L handles this setting,

Good Luck

RalphOrtizAuthor Commented:
Yes, have done both and it has not helped the situation.

I did find that as long as I have (1) unread email in my inbox the sound works.  The moment the inbox is empty, the sound does not work again.  Strange!  I'm increasing the point value to 150!
RalphOrtizAuthor Commented:
It Worked!  Thanks!  Steps 1-4
this worked great!! thanks
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