access outlook 2000 data while exchange 2000 is down

i have 6 users using outlook 2000 to access exchange 2000.  they are not configured fom any type of off line  access.  the exchange server is down (and will probably will be for some time!)  is there any way of getting access to the each mail box by using the outlook on the local pc's only....
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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The only files that hold an offline copy of the data on the PC side are an OST or PST for Outlook/Exchange 2000. If its been configured for offline use you should be able to open it using the OST data the ost file by default is under - C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.ost and you can see if its configured through the outlook profile.

If the server is unavailable and you didn't have any offline storage (OST) file setup then there's nothing you can do to get them access to the existing data unless you can bring the database online somewhere and the you could export the data to PST using exmerge for example.
gerpaqitAuthor Commented:
i am not sure about the ost file.....i am not in front of the PC now.... when i checked it today, when i attempted to open outlook, it failed with a message referring to the the exhange server being not available...there must be some offline copy in some format on the pc... the mail was about 1 GB in size...i assume this was not pulled down  accoss the network every time....or did outlook 200 simply "read" the info  off the exchange server?.... i am logging a separate question with regards to getting exchange back!
gerpaqitAuthor Commented:
i'll check ...thank u
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