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I have numerous reports on an intranet that are coded in ASP and HTML.  It's been requested to have the ability to pull the reports up in PDF.

I've played with ASP PDF's new feature for converting HTML documents to PDF (it's still a work in progress according to the company) and the reports don't convert 100% well.  A column is cut off, lines break where they shouldn't, rows that should span several columns don't.  It could that my existing code isn't perfect.

But, I'm wondering if there is another tried-and-true product that will convert my ASP pages to PDF documents to where they look exactly as they did in HTML and very little code needs to be added to the existing report.

I'll give the points to whoever
1) gives me tips on how to make my HTML work perfectly with ASP PDF (that end up working)
2) recommends the product and (describes it's features) and my company ends up going with it

Thank you!!
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How does the layout of your report look? Try to make it as simple as possible, sticking to XHTML standards and not using background images when possible.

Try this component:


As @_Stilgar_ suggested use ABCpdf from websupergoo (, its a good component

Also the FDF file that goes with the PDF file should be able to do this, but you'd have to send two files, the PDF as a template and the FDF file as the Form contents

One of the rare alternatives is PDFLib, which also exists as ActiveX component - see 

PDFLib is the best library IMO. No need to register COM. It is not free but there are no runtime fees..

Check out this links as well:
AlexandraTAuthor Commented:
Have either of you used the ABCpdf product and if so, how complex is it to convert an ASP report to PDF?  Are a lot of coding changes required?  Or is it just running a few new lines on the page when you want it pull up the report in PDF?  Do reports convert really well??  Thanks!
It is only about changing a few lines of code - the object creation and the call to the PDF function. The input is HTML in both cases.

See, the Multistyle Example under examples.

Forced accept.

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