Attachments not showing from Yahoo to Exchang 2007

I have a VERY weird problem.  I just installed Exchange 2007 and we have found out whenever we send an email from a Yahoo email account with an attachment, the attachment does not show up in our Outlook.  We are using Outlook 2003 and the email shows up without the little paperclip icon in the inbox listing and when you open the email, there is no attachments showing.  But, if you go to File > Save attachments you can see them and save them to your desktop.  ???  

Then if we take that same attachment (which is a .jpg by the way) and send it from anything else it shows up just as it should.  To make it even more complicated, if we open up the email in Webmail, the attachments are viewable just as they are supposed to.  Also, the same email from Yahoo to an external Exchange 2003 server (with the same Outlook version) works perfect as well.  Has anyone ever heard of this???
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I think that problem was fixed in exchange 2007 rollup 3.  The description is here:
Try installing the exchange update rollup 5 from here:
Here is information about rollup 5

Rollup 5 contains all previous rollups.  
(1) If you send that same mail from Yahoo to another person in your domain, who also uses Outlook 2003, can that person see the attachments?

(2) How is the Outlook configured, e.g. in Exchange cached mode, or POP, or IMAP?

As a guess I would think the pst or ost file for the recipient is corrupted.
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Yea, it does the same thing for every recipient and we're all configured for Exchange Server.
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tphelps19IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
To make this issue even more complicated... just had a co-worker send the same email with the same attachment from his Yahoo account and it works!!!  So sending an email with the same attachment from two different Yahoo email accounts... one works and one doesn't.  How weird is that???
tphelps19IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
any ideas???
tphelps19IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
guess nobody wants to tackle this one eh?
Hi, I am having this issue as well with a few users that I moved to Exchange 2007.  The sending domains are &  Same symptoms, can't see JPG unless I click File, Save Attachments or forward them to myself.  Does anyone have a solution for this?  Thanks.
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