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I have an infragisitcs webgrid on my page.  This grid has a list of pdf files in it.  When I click on a grid row I would like to open the file automatically.  Does anyone know hwo to open a pdf file in acrobat reader from a web page?
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vncmrc12Connect With a Mentor Commented:
add a hyperlink column in your webgrid then place the name of pdf in your querystring, you can now open the file using the querystring to validate the filename.

DataNavigateUrlField="PDFFileName" DataNavigateUrlFormatString="OpenPDFFile.aspx?filename={0}"
try to open the pdf directly from the location. that will open in browser
akobes05Author Commented:
I forgot to mention that the .pdf files are on the web server and Acrobat Reader is installed on the client machine.  Is there a way to spawn an instance of acrobat reader on the client machine and open the file from the web server?

The grid is basically a list of statements taht the client browser can view.
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