How to retrieve the current time in fractions of a second in MySQL

I have a multi-step MySQL stored procedure that takes a little while to run, and I would like to find out which statements need optimizing. Is there a way to find the current time in mill or microseconds in MySQL so I can output some simple profiling info.

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db2inst1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You could try the query profiling option released in 5.0.37 community version.
sorry, you can't - unless you want to hack the code to use an rpc call to the server
dchellAuthor Commented:
mmm, well that's seriously dissapointing.
dchellAuthor Commented:
That worked a treat, once I got 5.0.37 installed, I tried installing the latest 5.0.45 but InnoDB got sglan 11 every time on startup - had to go back to 5.0.37.
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