Running Vista as a Xen Guest with Hardware Virtualization from within Fedora 7

I am trying to figure out how to get Vista to run as a Xen Guest from within Fedora 7.  I am very new to linux, but am quite familiar with windows.  I have a dual-boot system set up with Vista 32-bit and Fedora 7 64-bit as the two OS's I have set up.  I have also installed the Xen package within Fedora 7 according to some insturctions I came across on the web (these didn't mention windows at all).

I'd like a guide, but any suggestions/guidlines or other such things will also be appreciated.
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For Fedora 7 you may want to consider KVM virtualization....
Using Xen and a Windows host you need to make sure your CPU supports virtualisation extensions.

A decent program you can use to control Xen virtualisation in Fedora 7 is virt-manager. This can be easily installed using yum.
JamesCsslAuthor Commented:
My CPU does support virtualisation (Core 2 Duo T7200).

I tried following the article you linked to, veedar, but when I get to the "enable kernel/hardware acceleration" checkbox, it was grayed out.  I proceeded anyway, and got to a sort of virtual machine.  When this machine tried to restart, I got an error, which I will try to post later today (I'm in windows as I type this)
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