Acronis True Image VS Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery

I am developing a disaster recovery solution for a client and I am trying to decide which of these two products to implement. The solution needs to cover 6 Windows 2003 servers, 1 of which is SBS w/ Exchange, one has SQL and the others have apps, websites and data.

The client needs the ability to do a recovery to different hardware in the event a server dies and I understand that both of these products have this feature.

Currently we are running Backup Exec backups for file/email restoration but I would like to have one product to do all backups to make it easier to manage & to bring costs down.

Which is the more appropriate product to use? Do I need to continue to run Backup Exec for my SQL, Exchange, File restores? or can I just use a single suite to do it all?

Thanks in advance
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Acronis is user friendly and I have never had a problem with it recovering data. In fact, I took a true image of my 2003 server with OS files and everything. I did this because my OS partition was only 6Gb. That's not enough for the OS, service packs, ect... This OS was on a Raid 5 Array. Acronis took this image off the Raid V, I increased the size of the partition and put files back on the domain controller without a hitch.  

I am not familiar with Symantec because after that experience I figure why go back.
I would get evaluation copies of both and do testing to see which does the best job, or is cheaper.

This is the best way to properly test disaster recovery in any case.

I hope this helps !
catsup3Author Commented:
I was hoping for some personal feedback on these software packages and if anyone has had problems?
We have sued VS Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery ( Livestate ) for many recoveries, so I know that it is fast and easy.

I have not tested Acronis, but it is also supposed to be quite good.

I hope this helps !
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