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We have rolled out an application using MSI packages with enforced scoping. However, once you take a PC out of the scope of the GPO the removal process does not complete and hangs the computer. Is there a way of manually removing a GPO enforcement off a PC or removing it from Active directory?

The MSI package was of an old application and was modified via transforms to get working. I know why the MSI is failing when requesting the application to be removed, but I can't fix the current version as it stands. I have manually removed the application from a test machine and it still wants to try to run the removal process on computer startup.

I can remove the GPO from the different areas, but that will just trigger the removal, same with deleting the GPO. I edited the GPO to uncheck the enforcement, but it's not sticking.

Any ideas?
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VRBonesAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I had a ghost of the machines, so I reghosted the offending lab and it's all fixed now. I didn't try removing the package from the GPO, but that may have been a way out. I don't believe any scripting would have helped because I could remove the application manually and the GPO would still want to force an uninstall. The problem isn't so much in removing the application (in fact I needed the application back on after upgrading), more that the removal process itself needs to be halted or circumvented.

Is there any documentation on how and where it stores what policies are in effect on a client system, so that it knows what packages need to be upgraded / removed?  
If it is feasible, you can remove the assignment from the GPO. When you do this, you should be offered a choice of either uninstalling the software, or leaving it installed.

If that does not work, it may be possible to make the removal process work with some script trickery. I have had MSIs in the past which have not uninstalled cleanly, and these have often been down to services that are not shut down priot to the removal process. I used a startup script to stop and disable the service on the required computers prior to removing the software assignment. If, as you say, you know why the removal is failing, it may be possible to script a way around it.
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