How to provide data from windows database to php website

Hi, I have a database running in a windows environment and currently use to access data in the database.  I have a situation where I need to provide data from the database to a web server (in a separate location/data centre) which is Unix based using PHP.  Cab anyone suggest a secure way that this can be done.

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I'm not sure what your dilemma is,

you can always use the - sql server extensions, or if it is mysql or access there are similar libraries for php to contact the database,

This is a platform independant library.

Or - are you suggesting that the link between the unix box and the windows one needs to be secure? in which case I would use .net to create a web service that pre-processes the data, goes to the database and returns result sets for php to format.
nicksbellAuthor Commented:
yes, it definitely needs to be secure.  Previously, to provide data to an external windows environment I have used .Net remoting (actually something called GenuineChannels which provides additional security and encryption functionality).  I don't think this is possible as GenuineChannels doesn't support Unix/Linux.  Is it possible to use encryption through a windows service?
it is possible - alternativley can you create a vpn or ssl connection to the database on the windows box?
nicksbellAuthor Commented:
I don't want to go the vpn route as access may be offered to other clients in the future and I want to keep connectivity simple without having to worry about vpn clients etc.  SSL is a possibility, although I'm new to that area so will have to do some research.

Thanks for your help.
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