Cannot access CRM 3.0 via IE on certain PC's

Microsoft Dynamics 3.0 problems when accessing the Setting page from the Browse.

I installed the CRM, so that is why I presume I can access the CRM via the browser by typing, however, other user are promted to enter thier UID nad Passord  three time before being presented with an Error 401.3.

I attempt tp log on with my credential from their PC, and I also receive the error, so I guess it a local brower issue - but I'm a novice at this, so you support would be appreciated.

Thanks Charles
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James GlaubigerCo-FounderCommented:
Try to add the URL of the CRM server to the Trusted Sites list in IE.   To do this you open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Select Trusted Sites -> Click Sites button, then add the URL (in this case https:// OR http://myCRMserverName.myDomain.local ) to the list, click add.

This is worth a shot, I had issues on some workstations and this fixed the problem even though local sites are supposed to inherently be trusted.
Can you access using your username with domain in the format domain\user?
clutch23Author Commented:
Interesting. I can now login with my credentials from the user's PC, however, the user cannot.  I'm guessing that it points to a security issue?

I can confirm that the user has a System Administistrator rights in CRM, however, I guess that they require other access rights?

I checked the security setting in the c:\program files\microsoft crm\crmweb - I have full access where the user only has Read & Execute.  Thinking this maybe the problem, I granted Full access to the user, however, nothing changed - login still fails with Error 401.3
Yep, it's definitely security problems of some kind. Not sure how technical you are but a 401 is access denied error. 401.3 specifically points to the person not being allowed through the access control list (ACL). Article which may help you in the right direction -

I'll have another look later and will let you know if I find anything further.
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