SBS 2003 reboot of server causes old email to be sent and NDR


I was wondering if anyone has ever come accross this problem with SBS 2003. I recently rebooted our SBS server and after reboot i started getting replies back from email i had sent weeks ago. I als got NDR's. It was as if the Exchange had queued emails and by rebooting the server it had released all queued mail. The strange thing is that a majority of mail i sent had been delivered ok.
SBS is SP1 for windows.
Exchange 2003 is SP2
Recipeint filtering is enabled to prevent NDR spam attacks that was also an issue with SBS.

One of our clients also has SBS and had a problem yesterday afternoon. I rebooted last night and they said that when users came in this morning old email had been send and they also got NDR's. Exactly same problem as what i had.

Exchange connector is set to use DNS for routing.

If you need any other info please let me know

Thanks in advance

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Take a look at my responses in this question from earlier in the week.

JackHodsonIT ManagerCommented:
This is of no help, but just to say, yesterday I rebooted and had the exact same problem, I was just about to post here for a solution but you beat me to it ;-)

Iv also the same setup (except SBS2003 is on SP2 aswell)
MaxColmerAuthor Commented:
Hi Simon

Thanks for the help. That explains everything!!

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