domain users not able to update registry entries....

Hi All, i'm having problems installing a Sage package for a domain user. As the software updates the registry, the install fails hence i'm only able to install the package as the Domain administrator. I have a general GPO that is applied to my domain users but it isn't too restrictive as yet. What setting prevents users from updating their local registry and is there anyway I can apply a second GPO to certain users in the main GPO group to almost make then 'higher access users'....i.e not Administrators but able to do certain things (such as update registries etc)
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ocon827679Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Take a look at this link.  It deals woth setting up db2, but the settings are the same regardless of the package that you are trying to get installed.

As far as only allowing certain users to do this, you would either need to set the GPO to filter on a group of users allowed to use it, or group those users in their own OU, which isn't too practical.  

To filter the users, just use security rights to the GPO.  Put the users in a group and ensure that only that group has read and apply,
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