how to convert word paragraphs and tables full of data to excel tables with the tabular format for the same data

Hi all,
I have nearly 300 files of data (text and tables of data in microsoft word format) and I need to migrate them to excel in tabular format
so my question now is :
can that be done using c# or (I mean reading the word page text and table structure and data then convert them to excel sheet structure and data)?
if so can any body send me an example?
any help, idea, link, tutorial or article is appreciatable
please reply as soon as possible
best Regards
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illusioConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is not a full answer

This can be done but it's not very easy using C#... As a starter you might take a look at the documentation for the Visual Studio Tools for Office but you can also use the primary interop assemblies for Word and Excel or just add a reference in your project to the word or excel tlb. These options are in order of re-usability.

You will need to learn about the Excel and Word object model (MSDN sites as a starter) and then implement what you learned.

The complexitivity of the task entirely depends on the word documents and the required result. You need to program every step you do by hand without the possibility to thing over what your are doing.

My advise: feasable if 80% of the word documents have somewhat identical layout, otherwise, fetch a cheap employee and let him work on it for a month of two.
Project time estimate (knowing the word/excel object model):
- develop frame for the conversions: 5 days
- conversion: time for a manual conversion x 20

Kind regards,
shang3000Author Commented:
the first question was asking for sample with and the second one was asking for sample code with c# they are not the same question because the answer is not unique
I hope that you understand what I mean I'm seeking for a solution of my problem not to make a problem for any one nomatter what is the language that's why I asked about the problem in two separate categories

I need your cooperations
best Regards
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