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What music do programmer listen to

I have been listening to ministry of sound music and it works, it helps me:
1. achieve focus
2. being creative
3. not getting bored by the long hours

however, I do get bored of the music itself and now looking for any other alternatives. any suggestions?
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I listen to my own sometimes. (I have found that many programmers coming from a creative background also write music, or at least play an instrument.)

I do think that techno, dance, electronica, etc. are all good choices since words (lyrics) don't fill your head. Some people around here listen to classical, but I prefer a little more adrenalin.

This isn't the first time this has been asked (earliest instance I know of: http://www.experts-exchange.com/Other/Lounge/Q_20655853.html).

My suggestion is to go to www.pandora.com and set up a couple of music stations for yourself based on what you like. Pandora will suggest and play artists with similar styles for you to listen to. You can play it like a radio station, or just use it as suggestions and go out and find the artists.

I found this website, and found a station that plays some really cool song that generally
are Techno based, with no lyrics.. The Music is Stimulating and pushes me to work!

The website is called Live365.com. I does require you to register, but most station do not
require GOLD membership fee.. Try this site, register, login, and then click this link:
It is called "DRAGON RADIO LOUNGE" and is is run from a guy from the Ascension Island's!!!
The genre is categorized as: WorldMassive:::TablaTronic:::UltraSoundSexoticLounge:::GarRagga:: :KungFuBeats:::::::SpaceStationAsia:::::::DRAGON RADIO LOUNGE

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What do you like? Jazz? Drum? Classical? There are many radio stations catering to each. I would prefer a soft background music without lyrics.
Read this page for some peoples opinions:
Two types I witness, most often classical music is choice to relax to, to think, and not fall asleep at the wheel. Other is more New Age, to be more a relaxing form of white noise to help one concentrate on work, but for some means sleep time.

It helps to have a beat to march to on keyboard, whether sof rock or country. Jazz has been choice for some. But generally the more popular music is less used while programming, more by computer users not as detailed in work specialties.

I think radio types or streaming is out of running since it can be inconsistent and interrupting. A CD is preferred medium, where the listener already knows what to expect, and can then work more without interruption

Some workers actually have radio on low. Works for awhile then they jump up and say "did you here that?" Now whatever it was breaks not only their routine but that of others in earshot, doesn't everybody want to know? That form of news passes better than information from managers about actual position and tasks to perform, goals etc. Or the less important things, like a coworker just had a heart attack, but to find out you have to interrupt work, leave building, and get to the grapevine to find out what is really going on.
My reference is to music to program to, not user preference during other occasions. But often it remains that it is the normally favored music that is the one of choice, as in it being something known and stable, something to not have to think about, so long as it does not make you close your eyes and nod off in the middle of project
I would say there's a key to liking any kind of music.  Find the right key and you can explore a genre extensively.  Be introduced by the wrong piece of music and you may be turned off that type of music forever.  You do have to try two or three times to something though before flogging it on ebay.

Ry Cooder has a knack of popularising world music without losing any credibility in the process: Blues, Gospel, Tex Mex, Cuban music (Buena Vista Social Club), Latin (Chavez Ravine), African (Ali Farka Toure) and Indian (A Meeting by the River).   Following those genres through will take a while.  

Go into HMV and sometimes they have some real bargain albums that sound interesting.  One day they had three Dub albums going cheap (actually it was more of chooka chooka type sound), and I found out who Augustus Pablo was - this is good stuff if you have headphones and want your own party.

Keith Jarrett is good undistracting music while you are bashing away at your keyboard - he is bashing away at his.

Classical music is difficult to recommend.  If you like sublime piano then Erik Satie is your man - the best recordings are by the pianist Ciccolini, accept no substitute.  If you like opera get Puccini highlights.  If you think a problem will take a little while to resolve I find that Mahler's Symphony No 2, or Verdi's Requiem can help the process along.  
i think meditation or slow music is gr8 to listen !! check if u like some of these during programing since ur head usually get a pain when programing  a good sothing music may help a lot

ah sorry for above post !!!


here u can see many musics
Strange that you can do programming and listening music. It's a thing I can not follow. Music disturbs and I can not focus on my work. So the "real" anser is none.  ;-)


Music often inspires me and gives me energy as I work...as to what kind of music I need at any particular time, it depends on what mood I'm in.  And sometimes when dealing with a big problem or snag I'm trying to solve, I am like Friedrich, I prefer silence.
Anything in my collection. Rock, Techno, some hip hop.
I'm with fridom - if you're listening to music while you program you're not fully in the 'zone' as far as immersing yourself totally in the coding - your brain is trying to process the music and the code and it will distract you.

The environment I work in currently is so respectful of the value of silence for coders that even those of us sitting a few feet from each other instant-message each other rather than to speak and break somebody's vibe.
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