How do I disable "purge selected items" in "recover deleted items" view

We have turned on deleted item retention and wish users to be able to recover items from deleted item retention but not delete items from that view.  There is a big "X" menu icon labeled "purge selected items".  We would like to be able to either disable use of this button or remove it completely from the view.  Is there a policy or reg hack to do this?  Or is there a way to modify the view itself to remove the display of this icon?
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Nothing immediately springs to mind. I know it cannot be done through the registry or group policy. It might be done with custom menu commands, but those can be a pain to find, as you need the exact hex code, which Microsoft don't publish.
Microsoft operate on the basis that all users can do what they like with their mailbox, which includes purging the deleted item recovery. If you want to store copies of the email then you need to use something external to Exchange - a journaling application most likely.

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