button control bitmap file C#

I need to create a bitmap from a button control ( System.Windows.Forms.Button ) and save it into a file.  Basically, I need to capture exactly how the button is being shown.  I am using C# 2005.  Please provide a sample code.  How can I do that?  
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how about
Bitmap myButtonBitmap = new Bitmap (myButton.Width, myButton.Height);
myButton.DrawToBitmap(myButtonBitmap, myButton.Bounds);
myButtonBitmap.Save(@"E:\myButtonBitmap.bmp" );
Sounds little confusing. Can you explore it a bit?
jumanac14Author Commented:
public Form1()

    System.Windows.Forms.Button myButton = new Button ();
    this.Controls.Add ( myButton );
    Bitmap myButtonBitmap = new Bitmap (myButton.Width, myButton.Height, myButton.CreateGraphics ( ));
    myButtonBitmap.Save ( @"E:\myButtonBitmap.bmp" );

What I would expect from this fragment of code is a bmp file that contains a "screen capture" of the button itself.  Instead, I'm just getting a file with a black background and nothing else.  What am I doing wrong?
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If you want entire screen shot this is a one good article to look at.
nm i see what you mean in paint.-- if i just use the windows viewer it basically just shows the rectangle of the button.
jumanac14Author Commented:
This solution works great! Thanks!
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