How do I convert all white spaces to transparent in Photoshop?

I have a an image where I want to make all white spaces transparent instead so I can put it on a red background, for example, and it won't have those tiny white dots everywhere. How do I do this in Photoshop?
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Use the "magic wand tool" and select the white spaces ( you should set the Tolerance on the top bar... set it from 1 to 99 depending on how picky you want it to be with the color selection )
Next hit delete
After this you should make a new layer and fill it in what color you would like
After doing this zoom in and look around the edges of the image to see if you left any areas spotted or not entirly edited... i'd suggest zooming in quite far and using the eraser tool

Make sure to save as .PNG or .GIF

Hope it helps bro

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If the current layer is "background", duplicate the layer to "background copy" and then delete background.

Next, select the white area (with with select-color range-highlights or with the magic wand). Then hit delete.

David BruggeCommented:
If you are intending this to be on the web, you will need to save the file in a format that supports transparency. Either gif or png.
You might even want to temporarily make your background image red instead of deleting it, so that you can make sure that you got all of the white and semi white pixels.
Once that is done, delete the background image and save.
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trace around the image with then pen tool.  Once you complete the path, right click the path then select 'make selection'.  Hit delete and save as a gif/png for web or tiff/eps for print.  Either format preserves the transparent background.  There are other 'magic' tools for selecting the background but the pros use the pen tool for making accurate selections the first time.  It is one of the most important skills in photoshop.  I often test job applicants at my company on their knowledge of the pen tool.
Can be a difficult task when you want nothing less than the best results, and the approach may vary depending on the image AND the background.
Some more information would be helpful.
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