Permissions using Active Directory

I have a user that can't read email's when his laptop is offline. Is this an Active Directory permissions issue or do I need to look somewhere else.
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ChiefITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using Outlook Express or some other Mail client?

I ran into this error using thunderbird mail client. The solution was to put the user's credentials in "Control Pannel>>Users and Computers". That gave the user rights to access to these emails off line.  You can test this by temporarily giving the user administrator access to the laptop. If this works, give that client rights to mail folder for the client where your address books are kept and your mail settings/profile is kept.
are the emails stored locally in a .pst or a .ost file?  Are you using cached exchange mode?
ssmith1123Author Commented:
I am using cached exchange mode.
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