SMS 2003: Copy a File from a share to every desktop in the company.

I want to use SMS 2003 to copy a file from a share to every pc in my corporation. I understand how ot create packages out of MSI's and those types, I have no idea even where to start in something like this. Can anyone help me?

I was thinking about just doing this with Group Policy, but I want to start doing all of these sorts of things in SMS.
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Hi rjkc17

Theres many ways to do this, .bat, .cmd, .vbs etc.. Normally I use something like innosetup -, or AutoIT -

If you're going to do this often, 100% recommend InnoSetup its free and is a remarkable tool, I use this tool for all my packaging including MSI, the reason why is, it gives you the ability to place conditions on your installers for e.g. for MSI I have two commands one for a repair the other to install, using the code section of the installer I can simply check to see if a program is installed or not which will then determine the line to run.  Every variable that you can think of is available with this tool for e.g. {src} = the folder that you run setup from, {pf} - Program Files, {sys} - System32 Directory. Their are also a number of Setup Switches available to run the executables silently /silent - progressbar, /verysilent - no progressbar, etc...  Anyway I could rave on about the software for hours.

Hope that helps.

Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
I don't know how to do this with SMS but what you need to do is but the file in c:\documents and settings\all users\desktop

if you don't have a lot of computers you can do this manulay, if you have lots of computers you can do this with a logon script applied via group policy
How do I script a file copy and then register the dll's...

Is it

copy *.* c:\windows\system32
regserv32 xxx.dll  ????  etc etc.

I have about 12 files that need copied to each machines in the windows system32 directory. and then i need to register 4 of the dll's.  

Not sure how to script this and then how to use sms to deploy it?
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