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Wired vs Wireless Tracert/Ping times much different

We have a wireless network with workstations running a web-based application off a server in our datacenter.  We have a 4.5MB pipe going to the datacenter from our location.  The application run off of our wireless network is sluggish.

When I do a tracert from a wired workstation vs a wireless I get some interesting results but I'm not sure why this would be.

Here is the output from the Wired workstation:
U:\>tracert ewebbridgem

Tracing route to ewebbridgem []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  2    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
  3    15 ms    11 ms     6 ms
  4    29 ms    12 ms    12 ms
  5    31 ms    21 ms    26 ms
  6    15 ms    19 ms    15 ms
  7    15 ms    15 ms    15 ms  ewebbridgem []

Trace complete.

Here is the output from the Wireless workstation:
C:\>tracert ewebbridgem

Tracing route to ewebbridgem []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1     3 ms     4 ms     8 ms
  2     2 ms     1 ms     1 ms
  3     3 ms     2 ms     7 ms
  4    13 ms    15 ms    14 ms
  5    74 ms    69 ms   106 ms
  6   151 ms   148 ms   127 ms
  7   238 ms     *      159 ms
  8   150 ms   185 ms    93 ms  ewebbridgem []

Trace complete.

The response times from my internal routers the 127.24 is resonable from both the wired and wireless networks.

Why would the response times from the route through the pipe to the data center be so different wired vs wireless?  Its taking the same path once it gets to but the wireless is very sluggish.

Thanks for the help!
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1 Solution
Do you have different IP subnets for wired and wireless?
If it was a wireless problem I would expect to see the delay on the local end, not the remote end.
What is the difference from IPCONFIG/ALL from a wired vs a wireless client?
It looks like has a problem getting back to  Is it always like this?
MohonkAuthor Commented:
It is on a different subnet here at the main building.  Both go through the same pipe out the building.  Where the route hits 172.26 it is out external interface.

giltjr - when you say it is having problems getting back to .69 what are you refering to?

Your rtt times are about the same all the way up to host  They increase one you get to the hop past

From the wired traceroute:

-->3    15 ms    11 ms     6 ms
-->4    29 ms    12 ms    12 ms

From the wireless traceroute:

-->4    13 ms    15 ms    14 ms
-->5    74 ms    69 ms   106 ms

When you do the traceroute from the wired connection your RTT is 29, 12, and 12 ms.

However from the wireless traceroute it is 74, 69, 106 ms.  

For some reason the RTT time is increasing by 45-90+ ms on the wireless between hosts and  Then when you go to the next hop, you gain another 60ms and then another gain of 70ms to the next hop

The problem starts a and gets progressively worse each hop.  Almost as if something does not know what route to take to get back to the wireless address and is spending time trying to do some of dynamic route discovery.

Does that clear it up?
Thanks.  Can you let us know what the problem was?  This way others can benefit from it.

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