Juniper TX2200 load balancing IP address issue

Background: A client of mine has a Juniper Networks TX - 2200 doing their load balancing between two web servers. I recently enabled access logging on the tomcat servers running there and have been aggregating the logs to run through webalizer on a third server to generate statistics for the web servers.

Problem: The log files only show the IP address of the load balancer for every single hit. This prevents webalizer from being able to show any host information. I am hoping that there is a way to configure the load balancer so that it does not rewrite the source address of every packet but rather passes the connections through much like NATing works.  I cant find any documentation on this piece of equipment, I searched their site but I dont even get useful hits for that model number...

Question: Is it possible to configure a juniper load balancer in this way so that the web servers actually see the original source IPs? If not what would you recommend?
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Dan McFaddenConnect With a Mentor Systems EngineerCommented:
It appears that the TX-2200 has been relabeled the DX3200.  There is apparently a way to enable inserting an HTTP header with clientIP@ information on the DX platform.  The product documentation references a "DX Installation and Administration Guide."

Docs for products;


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